What to Expect

A neuropsychological evaluation typically consists of three appointments:

Initial Appointment: This appointment generally takes one hour. Dr. Provencal will meet with the patient / parents to gather information about the patient’s difficulties, challenges, and relevant history. Older children and young adults may attend this appointment, but it is not necessary. At times this appointment may be combined with the second appointment.

Testing: The second appointment involves comprehensive testing administration and typically takes between four to seven hours. Length of the evaluation will vary depending on the patient’s age, behavior, ability to sustain attention and/or follow directions. Breaks will be taken as needed by the patient. For evaluations longer than four hours, the patient will be given time for a lunch break. If a patient is known to easily fatigue or is suffering from a condition that significantly impacts his / her functioning, then it may be necessary to shorten the second appointment and schedule time to complete testing on another day.

Follow-up appointment: The final appointment will be scheduled two to three weeks following testing. Dr. Provencal will provide feedback regarding her findings, clinical impressions, and treatment recommendations. A written report will be mailed to the patient / family.

How parents can help to prepare their child for an evaluation:

A parent is expected to be at the office with the child throughout the duration of the evaluation, so assure him/her of your proximity in the waiting room. You can tell your child that he / she will not receive any shots or other invasive procedures. Describe the evaluation as similar to a school day. We will be looking at how he / she learns and thinks by doing things such as drawing pictures, telling stories, talking, and solving puzzles.

Medications: If your child is currently taking stimulant medications or medications to address attention problems, please call the office so we can discuss whether the medication should be taken for the evaluation. Even if it is decided that medications are not to be taken, please bring the usual prescribed dose for the day with you to the office. All other medications should be taken as prescribed.